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Writing short of time....

Coronavirus, COVID-19, means a lot of different things to people. It's cleaner water, clearer air, deserted streets, and empty stores. And it's much worse. There is serious hardship taking place with this virus and it's had significant impacts on people's mental states. I'm blundering through it no differently than I bet most of you are. And so I'm hoping this blog finds you safe. Secure. Keeping it together.

As a part of my company's response team to the virus, I have been extremely lucky and extremely busy. And I'm very grateful. Unfortunately, it also means I don't have as much time in the run of the day to do all the things I'd like to do. Some of you, here, know that I'm both an artist and a writer. Art is actually how I tackle stress. I sketch and paint when I can't control anything else. Writing doesn't quite fill the same niche. Which leaves me clawing at the scant amount of time I have left to actually write a novel (or even a blog like this one), like a fin de siècle heroine controlling her dress, to ride side-saddle.

I haven't found I have much to say these days either. Mostly, I work until I'm tired, rinse, repeat. Dragging about with a coffee in hand, whacking away at my workload doesn't do much to inspire, but I am keeping at it, and hoping the hardship doesn't transfer to my book.

But I do have updates. I'm at 73,256 words at the moment, that's about 10 or 11 chapters and I'm leaning-in as much as the situation will allow! I wish there were a fairy with a magic wand who could come anoint me with inspiration, but I would only send her along to the scientists working on an antivirus at this point. I can do it on my own in any event!

I'm not sure what you're all doing, but I hope you're safe and sound! I'm glad you're there, and hope you can be patient with me as I wade through these hectic times and get Cardinal Machines 6 in the can. I can assure you it's heavy with S.W.A.T. activity, fallout from Zoey's and Ocean's time spent moon-side, and new illegalities surfaced by Zoey's dogged casework (you go girl)! So hang tight. They're coming.

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