Anthology Projects

The Secret Lives of Crazy Dragon Ladies

This is my first anthology with 3 Feathers Publishing. The premise was explained to me as 'What if cat ladies had... dragons'. That was enough information for me. Thus 'Crazy Cat Ladies' became 'Crazy Dragon Ladies'. My short story for this anthology / minithology?

The Haunting of Luna Bryne

book cover the secret lives of crazy dragon ladies.png

A Most Unusual Garden

This anthology / minithology had to contain an unusual garden as a main feature of the plot. I thought of exactly... 2. They're both in the same short story, called:

Voice of the Wild

A most unusal garden book cover.PNG

Fairies in Jars

In this Anthology, the challenge was to present readers with the story of a fairy who'd been trapped or tucked away in a 'jar'. This led to my story of the Great Bull, and his containment on Shelter Island in New York State, and the very unusual person who was the wrong girl to cross, but also the right one to choose. My short story for this anthology / minithology?

The Rath of Shelter Island

book cover fairies in jars.jpg

Coming soon....

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