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If I had to pitch these book series to Traditional Publishers, and if you'd like to get to know them a little better, the lines would look like this:

  • The Dead Set is a bit like the Ghost Hunt manga, meets paranormal young-adults per Supernatural in an urban fantasy where investigating claims of hauntings can be fatal for the unsuspecting.

  • Cardinal Machines is a bit like Veronica Mars meets Detroit Become Human in a near future setting where mankind resists change, and wholeheartedly believes in traditional human values like good, old-fashioned murder.

  • Folded Earth is a bit like a warrior-woman Aragorn crossing paths with Thranduil Elvenking, in a Northern Town out of Spice & Wolf, where secrets are the fastest path to power, but also, potentially, to ruin.

And, lastly, my novella:

  • Hard Candy is a bit like if Die Hard met 90210 at a Christmas party that went terribly sideways, when an entire prep-school class is taken hostage, leaving only 6 girls to solve a puzzle.

Whew! But all that really matters is what you think (so please do leave reviews)!

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