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Tracy Eire has been a professional writer for almost a decade writing to a variety of needs, from the arts magazine Beautiful Bizarre, to collaborations with artists like Jenny Boot. In the mid-2000s, she started her art career and fiction publications.


An oil painter with interest in watercolour painting, she was creatively influenced by her childhood home of Newfoundland. The wildness, mysticism, and kindness of this Northern island home just a step out of time, translated into optimism and depictions light in art. The stamp of those wild climes and pagan survivals became strong impulses in her writing. They can be seen from her rich cast of mystical characters, to the haunting moments we all experience to one side of the flow of normal life, captured in her books. A seasoned writer, she’s neurodiverse. Overcoming her disabilities with grit and flexibility creates a highly individual point of view in her work.

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