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Scinan Chief Ora Buckmaster never meant to cause scandals in the town of Bridges, they have troubles aplenty on their own! But they needed a woman of the North to summon a mythical King, and she's just right for the job.

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Three series and a standalone novella!

From encounters with urban legends and fairy raths on an island in New York State, the unexpected destruction of a technological wonderland, and down to a group of schoolgirls whose grit is tested to the max over the winter holiday.

Human-like Cardinal Machines android, 1-Ocean is deposited in Zoey Collins-Cardinal's front room. She's down and out, but was a sparkling heiress to the Cardinal family in another life. Now, Zoey lives the Collin's legacy, and is barely making ends meet as a starting P.I. Good thing that Ocean is a tactical ops and security android.
The job has a way of getting dangerous.