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Bookish Videos

For the most up-to-date videos (author readings and book trailers) check Goodreads right here: Tracy Eire's Videos | Goodreads!

Fiction Book lovers are you trying to decide what book or series is for you? Ever wish you could see a video about the book while you're scrolling Amazon, Kobo, or Chapters? Me too!  This page is designed to give a reader a little bit of a book's or story's vibe. I hope it helps. All you have to do is pop on your headphones and get a feel for some of these stories by running the videos! Click to start a video!

Click to start or start these videos, and enjoy!
Scinan Chief Ora Buckmaster never meant to cause scandals in the town of Bridges, she has troubles aplenty on her own! But the Council needed a woman of the North to summon a mythical King, and she's just right for the job.

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Three series and standalone novellas!
& novellas
From encounters with urban legends and fairy raths on an island in New York State, the unexpected destruction of a technological wonderland, and down to a group of schoolgirls whose grit is tested to the max over the winter holiday.

Human-like Cardinal Machines android, 1-Ocean is deposited in Zoey Collins-Cardinal's front room. She's down and out, but was a sparkling heiress to the Cardinal family in another life. Now, Zoey lives the Collin's legacy, and is barely making ends meet as a starting P.I. Good thing that Ocean is a tactical ops and security android.
The job has a way of getting dangerous. 

From my TikTok for Stars in Legions with 'Play with Fire' feat Yacht Mone - Sam Tinnesz!

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