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Working on a Novella... I think.

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

She says. While really sniffling over Alan Walker's classical music powered love song 'Not You', and how much it reminds me of Zoey and Ocean -- and actually, not in small part, of Ora, since it's a good marriage of the two series' romantic pressures. I'm focusing on the next pieces of writing I have due. Or trying to.

Music is very good at derailing my process. This is just part of how my mind works. In the same way my brain will blare like a radio and wake me up whenever it -- and I guess I -- want to paint or write, music will pull the mood I build and words I choose in one direction or another. Being conscious of this is helpful! I've used that knowledge to power through entire books in a week in the past. But the music can backfire.

I usually don't introduce new song into my playlist until a Friday night to fight the inevitable effects of being unable to sleep with my brain playing at a volume of 30. But I happened upon this one. Or my little sister did, while playing songs aloud. And that was all she wrote is just a saying. Until you're a writer. So, here I am, tossing my sleep out the window and embracing the part of myself that doesn't care about work-a-day schedules, with grace. I am a very hard worker. Some things are unavoidable. (Ask Ora.)

As for writing I have due, that's 3 pieces, but I'll only discuss one here. I have one more contract pending, and that's for a novella. For me, this is an ambitious little book because it's based on the Rome, at about the time the Gauls were at the uneasy point of Romanization. But set in the future, in fact, in the expansive Empire of Rubicon.

So far, my heroine is a truly lonely, isolated soul. But she's hopeful. And the hero? He's official, angry, full of piss and vinegar, and the painful genetic enhancements, though useful and to the Empire, don't help his temper. Both have ambitions. But serving them will bring them to a crossroads.

The text looks clean. But it's very hard to write and requires a lot of research. Please cross your fingers for me!

Fig. My first sketch of young Gallus, Jovia, from Stars in Legions. Brave little thing.

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