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When it happens overnight....

Outrageous success? I wish! But that's still only possible through long, hard work! So what did happen? After a lot of toil, including working with a street team of intrepid second readers, I published Folded Earth on Amazon Kindle Select / Kindle Unlimited. And today? My book has been pirated. And look at the date! One day! Overnight, folks.

This is the .epub, probably pulled off of an ebook reader, illegally. And it looks like this isn't the first time they've done this. Why? Here's 'The Dead Set' series, originally published 2015-16, and stolen Nov 12 2018.

Wait? Sci-Fi/Fantasy? Uh.... No. No it's not. This is an Urban Fantasy. (Go Six Soto!)

Welp. In short, I didn't expect this! Working on exactly what to do next.


Tracy Eire

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