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What has this statue to do with...

... what I'm writing in Folded Earth, book 4 right now? Well, I can't... quite tell you.

fig. Keira Knightly from Pride and Prejudice with Raffaelle Monti’s 'Veiled Vestal Virgin'.

Not without heavy Spoilers for the upcoming book. But the parallels are eating me alive, let me just say. They're strong. Even if this picture is more of a fully blown analogy. It has something to do with the nature of one race of beings in the Folded Earth books. Can you guess which?

Having written the chapter I just did (which was epic, epic, epic), I couldn't help myself but to reveal that this little picture is the inspiration for one of the most pivotal points in this book. (And what is possibly one of the most awaited scenes in the series....) The build up has been long and rewarding, folks. And after 960 pages? I have reached a point I've dreamed about since page 1! Well. Time for a little rest, and to pick up again tomorrow.

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