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Update on Folded Earth 4....

So, the delay is caused by two things. The amount of work I have to do to be ready for the end of my semester (which is astronomical given my fulltime job and 500 entries for Merciless Mermaids, the slush pile of which, we all have to read).

I also have a public domain book coming -- more on that later -- and a due date for an anthology story.

Not trying is far, far worse than failing, if you're me!

During this time I also entered and lost in a short story competition, and I still have classes ongoing, so it's kind of hectic! But... I'm still on track for this book, and I still hear you when you hope and wish for more in the series, don't worry about that. I have a sister who is just as eager to see what's next for these characters and this massive ensemble cast as you are.

I'll be coming into some vacation time soon. I need to get one book out at that time, and then I'm back on -- oh man, I almost said the title there! Lol! But after that, I'm back on board getting the next book in the Folded Earth series out. (And it's going to be SO much fun / a rollercoaster)!

Thanks for coming along!

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