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Twisted Cord novel goes live today!

Hello, everyone! I hope you're well! This is probably an understatement, but it's no less true for sounding a little cliche. I feel that the virus has been very trying and stressful on all of us. I've certainly felt the impact of it it through the losses my friends have had to suffer in their own lives, recently. I'm also half a world away from my loved ones and trying to be sure they have all they need during this time. At the same time, I'm working very hard to help others home-school, and work remotely. That's part of my day-to-day grind, and I am damn grateful for it. You and I may not, in fact, be at war with this virus, or... you may. It's not possible for me to know. But, either way, I wish you peace, calm, safety, and comfort at this time.

I'm also here to announce the publication of Twisted Cord in e-book form. It will also soon be in paperback, though, there are the usual delays there. This wouldn't have been possible with the same confidence without the help of my second readers and street team! Thank you so much for your time, diligence, good humour, and sharp eyes! I hope you're safe and sound! I'm currently re-reading Cardinal Machines book 6. If you've read Zoey's and Ocean's adventures, you know they're never on the sidelines and never quite safe and sound. The last book saw them endure separation, psychological hardship, physical danger and serious tests of character on Soleil moon base -- the true home of the Cardinal Machines company. The next book continues in the wake of those shattering events on the moon, and features reunited partners, S.W.A.T. team re-certification, and Zoey Collins tugging little threads that lead to underhanded crimes. Just like we like it!

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