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Told you copyright took a while!

Since I'm in that hazy area between the law office checking for typos and "We submit your copyright application materials for filing with the U.S. Copyright Office. If your copyright application is approved, your registration is effective as of the date received by the Copyright Office.", I thought I would show you the second in a collection of about 14 different graphics I've made that illustrate the lands of Folded Earth!

This one is, of course, The Green Mirror, and through these two, I hope to illustrate a lot of the differences, psychological and otherwise, between the Fata and Mankind in the Folded Earth.

I also hope you like them! The first of these was the Blue Mirror lake, beside Ruel Mirariaf's Kingdom, though, in retrospect, I might have started with the Township and the Green Mirror and moved upward. I made these graphics during a night I took off from edits, seeing as, at the time, I had a headache that later turned into a Very Bad Migraine. It cost me time on the book, that migraine. But... I'm working on it. In fact, I'm 4 Chapters and 1 Epilogue from the end of my first pass on Twisted Cord!

And I'm worried this time around, about the copyright process. The notation says "We will notify you as soon as your application is submitted. If it is not approved, you will receive an email from the Copyright Office with instructions on how to rectify any issues." I worry about the 'Not approved' part -- that there might be a collision between the book I'm writing and the online work, The Cord, and a lack of understanding that I'm the writer behind both. And I guess... we'll have to wait and see. I've poured so much energy into this new book that I hope these worries are unfounded. At least there is a law office to call if worst comes to worst!

Meanwhile, I would very much like the 'Submitted' mail to come in. It would be so gratifying to hand over copy to my crack team of Second Readers and get this on its way to publication! 'Four chapters to go' is not long on this side of the equation. And then? I have a Cardinal book waiting for those fans of the mayhem of Zoey Collin's/Cardinal's life... and her star-crossed relationship with 1-Ocean (which I adore)! Looks like I'll be doing a little reading for the immediately foreseeable!

What about you?

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