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Tempered Fire has launched...

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

... but only on Amazon. It will be the end of February before I can take all three books and go wide with them (that means publishing them so that they go to many online bookstores at once). However, Tempered Fire is now a thing that exists in the world (ebook and paperback). Please feel free to tell your friends about it and any--you know--random reading circles, fans of Spice & Wolf, or LoTR and the Hobbit! In other words, tell readers if you can!

I intend to take today off and just write for fun if I write at all, especially with the next development. I sorted out the publication of Stars in Legions with the Publisher, and the word count was accepted (she rocks)! It should hit some time in the June/July time frame. I really hope your get the chance to read it. There's a strong influence from the Roman Empire in this little book, and how I think that culture might play out in an empire in space.

I'm excited about this novella, as, for once, the motion of the story drives the hero and the heroine together, rather than apart. This is pretty rare in my work. There are usually a lot of internal and plot factors that build space between characters in my writing. The events that built in this work pushed them both into the same little area instead, and, due to their established characterizations they were pretty cool with that. So, it's been a lot of fun! When the time comes for this book to drop out of contractual agreements so I can publish it, I'm planning a cover a bit like the one below. The contracts that let the story revert usually take about a year, so that may change, but for right now, this is the plan.

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I am on it!! Congrats!!!also Stars In Legions sounds awesome!!

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