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Stars in Legions novella launched!

Well, as some of you might know, the contract situation for this 'Roman Legion in space' novella has evolved and devolved quite a bit since the beginning of the year. The publisher realized this was a difficult situation for the writers and kindly cancelled the project as a result. This released the full rights back to me (because the contract terms are fair / always read your book publishing contracts).

Since, I've had this book sitting and waiting to go live. But... I was working on my omnibus Kickstarter (more on that soon in a blogpost) and couldn't get to Stars in Legions. Or anything else. Since there's only one of me.

Tonight, while going through surveys related to the Kickstarter, I think I realized how overtasked I am at the moment. You may not know this, but I have 2 books, and 3 audiobooks in the works. And the Kickstarter. And a new novella. And that's without bigger developments I can't mention (and that may be of no interest, in fact), coming in the near future. I'm slammed and I can't seem to get to anything as a result.

When this sort of thing happens, I tend to want to just get material out. One way to do this is something my fellow writers call a 'stealth publish'. Now, being who I am, almost all of my novel publications were stealthy up till about 2 years ago. Realistically, there are very few people (ARC team on the Folded series, you know who you are!) who really know when releases are coming. Freedom from a schedule allows me to write and release books quickly. However, in the last couple of years I have tried to do cover reveals on Twitter first, among other pre-release efforts I make. This can help with awareness, but, boy, does it slow things down.

I have so much in the wings, though. As a result, I'm publishing Stars in Legions. I'm extremely proud of this story. It's one-part dirty, futuristic Roman Legion, and one-part romance between a cagey, spacefaring survivor, and a young Legionnaire whose enhancements cause chronic pain. This is Jovia Burness and Mars Sussurar Geta, respectively. Now, I'm no romance writer, but the positioning of this relationship is about as ideal as I could have hoped for, even with their social, class, and other striking differences. It's been a blast to write the Stars in Legions novella, and I'm happy to put it out in the world as an e-book and a paperback. Well. Put is out there as in within the next 24 to 72 hours! (Given this is Amazon, the e-book will be out before the paperback, but paperback-lovers, hang tight. The paperback is worth it. :) For those of you aware of my art career, this is also the first time I will have used some of my artwork on a cover. It's actually on the back cover. I'll include the paperback spread below so you can take a look at Jovia and Geta. I have an author copy, by the way, and the cover came out spectacularly (and very velvety)! I'm quite proud of the work!

Fig. Geta's hunting this girl down, right? So, why isn't anything going as he expected?

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