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Should you stop writing?

So, I've noticed a trend of people being really anxious when they stop writing, and I thought it was pretty curious. Now, when I remember back, I realize that, somewhere along the way, I used to feel that way too. By now, I have some discomfort when I'm not actively writing, which doesn't happen a lot, btw, after you develop a steady habit of writing. But, if you've stopped writing, there is a reason. Many people puzzle on about what to do.

When you stop writing, why not ask yourself what the reason is? And really dig! When you hit a hard stop, it can be as simple as the inner writer looking at you and thinking 'Stop telling me to do What I'm Supposed To Do and let me be creative, or you'll get nothing'. It can be as tiny a thing as 'That scene 3 paragraphs ago ruined this book for me', or as big as 'I want to be making cover art--that's what I love about making books'.

Also, whould you always write? Well. Should you always sleep? Should you always eat pizza? Writing may feel like breathing, but... it's not. It can fatigue the body and deplete mind, and so it's fine to stop doing it. Taking a vacation from writing is something I'd encourage people to mark on their calendars. The resource pool that lets you write, and write your best, needs to refill from the groundwater of your experiences. Should you stop writing long-term? Your passion for writing is something only you can know and decide, but if you're struggling with this and recommit, at least celebrate as you would for landing any job!

Treat writing like the wonderful work it is, relax, think it through, and stay flexible about your craft.

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