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Short update on where the writing is!

Getting back on my feet and trying to regroup as far as my writing goes.

In case you're unaware, here is my entire published corpus (minus the audiobooks) and the stories I have in Anthologies. My very first series started with one anxiously penned 'professional' novel. Boy was I nervous (even after writing 7 free novels that were well-received)! The Dead Set still stands up (and it's spooky, not gory). It's also striking me as so funny that while I had written much of the Folded Series and had it for longer than Cardinal Machines, something in my head told me it would never work as novels.

You live and you learn, folks. :) So, I'm finally in a good space for a cover reveal this coming Monday, and I'm writing two books (a novella or short story I haven't decided which yet, plus another novel) at the same time. This is unusual for me. But it's been a relief to switch back and forth so far.

I also just published a beautifully formatted paperback of the Hard Candy novella despite of having a roaring migraine. It's only on Amazon right now, but I'm quite honestly eager to get my novellas and short stories up on Draft2Digital so they can publish widely. Yes, there's less of a call for short fiction, I realize that, but it's nearly cleansing to write, so I'll be doing more.

I'm excited about what comes goes next!

Fig. How I keep track of what I'm doing. Yes, it's a bit laborious and visual but it works for me!

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