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Quick little update!

Ah! If the girls could only speak to each other.... Lol! What a conversation that would be! I mean, Zoey's life is pretty wild. Pretty sure she's never skinned and eaten a squirrel, though. You've cornered wilderness survival market, Ora! So far. (You can bet Ruel hasn't either!)

Hello all! Okay! At this point, I am very close to finishing the publication pass on Cardinal Soul. In general, my writing happens fast, and that means I don't have to do much in the way of correction or realignment. With this crazy year, I'm having to sort this book as I very rarely have to do with my novels. It's time consuming, folks. But it's close now.

I've handed over the second read of The Wreckage to a fellow writer. She's working on that novel as we speak. Also, I'm getting down to the finish on a project I started quite a while back, and that has to do with a post-apocalyptical future. In this novel, parts of the United States are at different phases in their recovery, and we join the heroine in the middle of the country, struggling to lock down a place to go to ground for the winter. Hoping to get this under a cover and copyright soon. Finally, there's Folded Earth. I had a question about it asking whether it was an 'abandoned series'. Being that this isn't the realm of fan-fiction (land of milk and honey though that's been to me), there isn't much leeway for abandoning book series. In fan fiction, many people bail on their work. Some even abandon their stories mid sentence, never to return! But even in my prior fan-fiction writing, I still liked to bring stories through to completion and give readers a satisfying ending. I'm much the same now as I've ever been in that regard. No, I'm not done with Folded Earth or Ora. However, because I'm only one writer, and need a supplemental full time job, I'm limited in how much I can accomplish! I've also found writing a book takes more time than reading one (particularly if your readers are really fast)! No. I haven't abandoned the Folded Earth series. There have been a couple of developments on it, in fact.

Oh! And I'm hoping for some good news on the Cardinal Machines series soon!

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Tracy Eire
Tracy Eire
Oct 29, 2020

Thanks, Midge! You're a peach! I have no intrepid band of street team to review my Cardinal books, so please feel free to get back to me with anything you see! You, for sure, know the mail!


So excited got my notice from Amazon and downloaded Cardinal Soul. hurrah!

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