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Paperback in the house!

Spine of Tracy Eire's novel 'Folded Earth'.
Holding the paperback book in my hands at last! And, man was I scared!

The delivery man ran up to me today with this package in his hands. He was pretty excited! I was the one who was anxious. This is the first proof I've gotten of 'Folded Earth', and, like with all my books, there was the possibility for the proof to have come out very wrong. Mostly, I knew I was worried about the book's spine images, at least when it came to appearances. But the design came out looking good!

But now comes the hard work!

It's time that I have to read through the book hunting for errors. I do that with every paperback book I write. I'm rather fond of this book, which was one of the hardest for me to write so far. I find this paperback inspiring! That's because I'm working on the next book in the series right now, after all, and it does help for me to have something to hold in my hands to propel me forward!

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