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Orth word of the day: Bealteinn

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Hi. I actually get this question quite a bit. What does this word mean, and what does it mean that it's applied to An Torr, Ruel Mirariaf?

Just to let you know, the 3rd book will have the dictionary appended to the back. This does make the book longer, which increases the printing cost and overall cost, but it's one of the top things I'm asked for, so I'm doing it! The number system of the Fata is a powerful part of their ideology. In the books, you can occasionally hear the King talk about his measure, or his numbers. This is based on parts of the Ordinem that talk about the measure of a Fate. An Bealteinn is part of this system from the Ordinem.

'Einn' is the number 1, which can be un or einn. The word for 'beautiful' is bealte. So that leaves us with An Bealteinn. The Beautiful One. This is a title that explains Ruel is considered a Great or Legendary Beauty in his culture, what it doesn't really explain is why. But more on that will come up again in later books!

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