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My releases & a mermaid painting!

Fig. Vid has sound. This mermaid is complete at last, and called Copa Vacía for the Shakira song!

I thought I'd share this painting. It's a bit of a departure for me, seeing as I'm an oil painter, primarily, (with some watercolour and gouache works). But I completed this as an entire acrylic painting before I went over the top of with super-blendy oils. Because the drying time for acrylics is a handful of minutes after application (as opposed to days for oils), you can get a lot done -- get far along -- in a few days. The oils are necessary for a good and smooth finish for me, though! And my comic book background makes me appreciate the sense of motion in this painting, even if it is a little busy! It's important to take a break from writing when it's needed, and I needed it, believe me. Along with releasing On Canvas in Shadow, A Book by Candlelight, and working on my prequel to the Folded Earth, I also had to launch The Blue Castle and work on Merciless Mermaids marketing. Then I found out there was room in an upcoming Anthology release for a short story, and pounded out that 5000+ words in a single afternoon (I'll let you know when it comes out in September)! I'm also graduating from Grad School this summer. I will be painting during a break. However... there are still more irons in the fire, folks. More books to come. In the meanwhile, I may be sharing some artworks here from time to time. I hope you enjoy them!

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