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Merciless Mermaids and other things.

I'm coming toward the end of this semester and things are moving quickly. I'm strapped for time and resorting to short story writing -- nothing terribly serious -- to keep myself from climbing the walls. In my Uni life? Our solo-edited and produced books are releasing and I've been tapped to do the video for the main book, Merciless Mermaids (which has an incredible story by Mercedes Lackey in it, by the way)! So as the solo book releases mount for the entire class of 15 people, I'm just trying to keep sane. If you guessed I've been writing something short to keep an even keel, then you know me well!

Little sample of the opening here:

I hope you're all doing well and bearing with me! I'm quite happy with developments in the masters programme so far and deeply appreciate the help you're offering me over on discord and in my Inbox! I'm getting there. Please cross fingers!

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