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Kickstarter and Cardinal Machines....

Firstly, welcome to the new people who joined the site! Welcome and thanks for joining! I tend to use the blog a lot more than I do the newsletter. Please be sure to scroll the blog for art freebies. I'm in a break from school this week and on stay-cation from work as well -- my first vacation of the year! Given my fulltime job is very hectic and demanding, and Grad School is even more hectic and demanding, I'm soooo happy for a break! But I accomplished two things this week!

The Cardinal Machines Kickstarter delivery is done!

In the spring and early summer I ran my first book Kickstarter for a Cardinal Machines 3-book digital Omnibus (which I haven't had time to work on). It funded (thank you!) and I started in on delivery shortly after the month closed.

But boy am I glad that I set the final target date for my book Kickstarter to be at the end of the year. At the time, because I'd never done one of these before, I set it for December and thought I was being cautious. I wasn't. I soon became so busy with writing, a new role at work (and another one tacked on), and school -- omgosh I can't believe how much time and effort grad school demands! -- that the passage of time was soon giving me motion sickness. I'm happy and proud to say that I've completed all the rewards for my Kickstarter and it's not quite December yet. Tonight was the first night I had nothing to do! At all! I've just been watching Moriah Elizabeth paint squishies -- it's my maximum speed right now!

I published Cardinal Machines Book 7!

And it's live! This -- not counting the free books I wrote when I was practicing -- is my 17th book. I'm getting close to my goal, folks. I want to write or publish 20 books. And whatever comes after that? I'll call a writing career!

I haven't had a cover reveal on Twitter. I'm not even sure what's going on over on Twitter these days, just that I owe a lot of peace of mind to the Twitter writing community. However, I wanted all of you to be the first to see the new cover!

The Cardinal Machines series, with Cardinal Secret, is over here: It has been a real struggle to find time to write and publish this year. I'm proud of myself for managing this book, and it's such an exciting ride as well!

What am I publishing next?

What's up next? I will be turning my attention back to Book 4 of The Folded Earth series, but I do need more than one night of downtime -- school starts up tomorrow -- so I will need to rest and regroup. And -- I'm praying for this one -- paint. I'm hoping to have the next book in the series ready, Winter 2023. Please wish me luck!

Also, I have an story launching soon that involves a new couple. It will be in the short story anthology Halls of Ghostly Holly.

This is a pair of characters I've been working with, on and off, for almost 7 years now, but it's the first time I've published anything about them. I'm pretty excited! The milieu is different than is normal for me -- it's a mingling of Edwardian England and New York City, but with a strong strain of Alternate Universe. And, because it's me, there are lots of ghosts. (No, I don't write gore or horror, just spooky stuff.) The anthology will look like this!

It's in the tradition of Victorian ghost stories, often told at Christmas. Mine is much more modern. But I'll likely update the blog again when it publishes.

Thank you so much for your time!


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