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Is Lusis Buckmaster on the cover of the ‘Folded Earth’ book?

(If you follow me on tumblr, this post will be familiar/is a cross-post!)

Hi there! Some of you may know that, once upon a time, I wrote free novels in the LOTR/ Thranduil fandoms (The Cord / Bind Them). I’d long wanted to move a few of those stories into my own writing universe, and, with the help of some really amazing readers from the fandom in question (you know who you are, and you have my thanks!), I’ve made the first jump. So, yes. Lusis is there. But… her name has changed.

Ora Buckmaster (once Lusis Buckmaster) was represented by one of the luminaries ( of @dailythranduilproject​) of the Thranduil fandom, as an Indian girl of great beauty! This was because I described Lusis with black eyes and skin-tone that was deeper than Caucasian, which would go darker in the summer with sun-exposure. Representing her as an Indian woman was a great compliment to my character! I was blown away! But it also made me aware only I knew what she really looked like.

Well. Until now.

Though she’s not the meltingly beautiful Indian actress that the LOTR fandom embraced, she’s the Buckmaster I imagined. She is (and was) very much inspired by the Inuit, a strong, kind, Northern people with a great history of art and story of survival. Her beauty is wilder, and more a thing of the wintry, untamed places in the world. She’s clearly aware of her own power, this girl.

Ora is a runner, a free-climber, a swordswoman, and hand-to-hand combat style fighter. Physically, she’s very developed. Her skills often belie her youthful, if windburned, face. I adore the wolf embroidery on her shirt here, as well. Ora’s race is known in the wider Southern community as Northern Wolves, and the detail underscores that cover artist Sophia Feddersen never lets the finer-points of a character slip her attention.

If you are, or were, a fan of The Cord / Bind Them, or my other writings, please do find ‘Folded Earth’, right here:, and please do write an Amazon review if you like the book!

Wish me good luck! I’m on to the next book in the series!

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