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I was delayed....

To my friends and second readers, I want to apologize for suddenly vanishing from preparations for the next book in the Folded Series over the last weeks. For me, there was no warning, and no means by which I could push the release forward due to an unexpected death in the family. Between that zero-dark-hundred phone call and now, there's been considerable travel, heavy snowfall, -20 degree temperatures, and mourning. It's a heavy loss. I'm so grateful to return to you and continue both my graduate degree in Publishing, this next book, and my writing underway. I will need a little time to regroup and plan, but I'm getting back on task. I want you to know I see you out there supporting me and suggesting my book to other readers, to libraries, and reader-groups on Facebook, and I deeply appreciate this. Believe me, nothing will give me more joy than to bring this next book in the series out for you.

Thank you so much for your loyalty, your grit, your ideas and innovations, and for loving these characters and places the way I love them.

Thank you for walking the Folded Earth with me.

Hold tight. The next book is coming.

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