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I took an art break.

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

... and did some art! It's a pretty big deal because I don't get much time to do art anymore. I'm so happy with the way these are progressing, even if I'm very rusty at painting. I've got an Autumn fairy, and a Winter fairy here. Yes, they need work but they're a bit of a triumph for me being that they exist at all.

I love painting light, so these two have been great fun so far. They're one of two couples I've been painting, and I hope to pull them together enough to finish them soon.

Fig. When your hair is fire, Winter is going to adore you....

Still working on the Advanced Reader Copy / Advanced Review Copy feedback for Book 4 of Folded Earth. There is a lot that develops in that book, so I'm excited to see it come out. The cover is in development as of tomorrow!

All right, back to work, grad school, homework, editing, and this Kickstarter I'm helping with. And the cover, and the ARC, and I need to do some marketing and adverts in there for two books.... I'm forgetting something. Deep breaths.

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