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I'm running a book Kickstarter

Something I never thought I'd ever do. This is my first time considering a Kickstarter for any series, and so I don't have a lot to go on. Will it succeed? Will it fail? Well, in my opinion, the fact I've put a Kickstarter together is a success in itself. Let me explain, I'm actually quite nervous about things like Kickstarter. That's because I'm a very free-wheeling type of a person. That means dates, schedules, all of those things intimidate my creative streak. I normally avoid them in favour of the kind of flexible and extemporaneous scheduling that works best for me and my creativity. Detail oriented Kickstarters are very much the antithesis of how I operate, and outside my comfort-zone as a result, though I'm being very careful / intentional about creating my KS. (You can imagine how the rest of world feels when they have to deal with me.) I've stepped up, and even if it does fail to fund, I will have my first data point on how to do a bookish Kickstarter!

The goal is to make a Cardinal Machines 3-book Omnibus. And the rewards include ebooks, paperbacks, and a short story. The more unusual stuff that I actually excel at (and hope someone has a need for, so that I get to work on it), comes in the tiers after that!

The Kickstarter doesn't start up until April 26th, but you can go check out the preview page and sign up to be alerted when the KS launches:

Video about the Kickstarter. :) Thanks for hearing me out, and happy reading, folks!

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