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I'm in a break from Grad School ...

... and I'm getting lots of things done! Among them, I'm finally moving forward with some of my audiobooks, and getting ready to publish some Short Stories to Amazon for the first time. One of my favourites of these is The Rath of Shelter Island. To understand a little about what this great little story involves, it's helpful to know that a Rath is a place where fairies are commonly be found. It's an Irish word that overlaps with ancient ring-forts among other things (more on those is coming later).

Raths are important to the action in this one, because Trudy Tough stumbles upon an unsettling legend while she's vacationing. It comes in the dark every few years and leaves people missing in its wake. Though Trudy may seem like an average girl, there's something just a little different about her, and--when it comes to legends--little differences can spell survival.

Shelter Island is a real place in upstate New York, and I delve into its history in this short story, then add a little extra eeriness for good measure! If you were to look at satellite maps of the island, it's even possible to see where some of the action takes place. That made writing this short story very fun, even before the plot wheeled into one of my very favourite subjects. Fairies!

Cover Reveal

Given that I was prepping to publish this story and audiobook it was badly in need of a cover. I remedied that just today! Here's a quick video on how the cover for this short story and audiobook came to be!

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