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I'm almost afraid to say this...

... but I can't think of a better time to go into this than as we head into the Holiday season. For me, that starts end of September, as I begin to prep for Halloween / Samhain, which is one of my favourite times of the year, and that feeling rolls into the Christmas season. So it's a good time to talk about the fact I may have 60,000 words on book 5 of The Folded Earth series. I don't want to jinx myself.

Fig. Next book has something to do with these pesky creatures right here among other calamities. I do want to take a moment to address my Cardinal Machines people. There are a couple of things I need to say here. First is that I just discovered that a really good friend of mine gave the series to his mother, and she got back to him waiting for the next one in the list. The upshot is I'm already thinking about this, and I will be writing this next in line! But, for right now, if you're a Cardinal Machines fan, please wish me quick travels through the Folded Earth book I'm currently working on. Also, there is an audiobook coming! It is done! I'll start work on getting it live soon!

Folded Earth early readers, oh my gosh, I may be needing you as early as the end of the year. My writing has slowed due to school -- which is over now, seeing as I have my degree -- but a lot of new opportunities have leapt in my path. I'll get into those a little later, suffice it to say I am very committed to the series I'm writing, and very much enjoying some of my short stories and short story collections.

Stay tuned! There's more news coming soon. Particularly if you're in the Salt Lake City area!

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15 sept 2023

Can't wait for the king!!!! Best news ever!!!!

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16 sept 2023
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