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Having many thoughts about...

Folded Earth book 4.

You may be aware the publishing house, through no fault of their own, had to release everyone from the Novella Anthology contract that resulted in this novella: Stars in Legions: A sci fi novella - Kindle edition by Eire, Tracy. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ And that since then, I've also written and published this novella: Wings & Justice: 9798832962818: Eire, Tracy: Books (yes, I painted that cover). I'm currently in a third novella (potentially short story) that I hope I'll be able sort out soon (I'm not gonna lie, it's delightful and a fresh take on Ancient Egypt in my p.o.v.). But I'm wondering if I can make time for Book 4 of the Folded Series.

It's not a lock right now. July will begin a sprint toward the end of the year that is going to be challenging, because of work I've taken on. But... it would be great if I could use some of that time for writing....

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Just got some new books - so excited - you have been working so hard I lost track. Congratulations! Also, no pressure at all - truly- but if you do get to book 4 this summer oh frabjous day :) so many ways to go so much going on - I look forward whenever it appears the scene you reference.

Tracy Eire
Tracy Eire
Jun 11, 2022
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Oh! Lol! I had a 2 hour car ride today and conversation about this very book with my sister (also a writer) in that time. She is a fan of Ruel's and had some input and strong opinions. Even for me, the conversation was worthy of popcorn (and the Orth and opinions about Skysawen were flying)!

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