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Folded Earth book II progress.

Well, I'm definitely getting there! I wish I could share what I just revised, but it may help for me to note that, as complex as this scene once was between Thranduil and Lusis, the farsighted cleverness of Ruel Mirariaf has paired with a balancing act of races inside and outside of the Folded Earth, and added complications to what was a weighty and intricate scene. Suffice it to say, when I read it, I'm pleased. And while I've missed the end of January deadline, I would like to note that I'm perhaps within 50 pages of the finish. Be warned it is A LOT to tie up, being that this is a very long book, and that will take time.

Some notable things:

1. Cover artwork is in development! (I will keep you posted here.)

2. This book has first mentions of Ruel's natural son (not Thahawn), by name!

3. The world of the Fates expands as King Ruel receives a letter from a faraway dell.

Please cross your fingers for me as I go into the final stretch of page revisions! (And, yes, he does get a gray wool cloak from a Township human during this book, so the graphic above counts!)

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