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Folded Earth 4, Chapter update.

Chapter titles are subject to change! But here's a sneak peek at the book!

So! Please don't feel too connected to the titles of these chapters, but I would like to show you my Chapter action breakdown. Or what I can of it.

I write as much of this story as grad school and work allows. I know things will only continue to get busier and busier until the end of the year, but I'm actively working on this. The stops and starts are very strange, though, and, more than with most manuscripts, I'll need Chapter guide and close reread of this complex story.

I'm officially giving up on worrying over length for now (or so I say) I'll be pulling forward with my main focus knitting the dynamics into one fabric. I wish there was more I could tell you about the story right now, but I'm happy to answer questions about it after the release. Readers will understand that there are forces seen (like the Morgwn Kingdom) and yet unseen that are trying to act out their will on certain people in Bridges. There are developments coming and some things... I truly think none of you have guessed at yet! So! For the time being, enjoy Rings of Power (I'm a junkie of course), and be aware I'm working on this novel and cannot wait till it gets into your hands! I can't wait!

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