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Folded Earth 2 progress...

Well. When you start out with a project like this one, you wonder how much work it's going to be. The answer to that question, for me, is *a tonne*. But it's turning out to be quite fun, and a... really strange surprise to read my work from the source material. I expected, for example, for the source to be a lot worse than it actually is.

At the time, I was new to my full time writing gig. I was stressed, strapped for time, and in love with a series of movies that could whisk me away from the stress. I didn't expect for my writing to be, I suppose, good. But as I read it, I get in touch with that version of myself that was trying, more than anything, to do justice by the material, the King, and the people who had been so welcoming to me in the fandom. It's eye-opening to read! I think the thing that surprises me about it the most is that it truly is comforting. I had meant it to be so, and I'm proud of that mood in the Tolkien mystery even now.

What am I doing now? Resting. I've been going pretty steadily since mid-December, on this one book. I'm currently 54,378 words in. It's daunting to realize that, for most people, 50,000 words is an entire novel. That's the basis of the 50,000 word goal in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). For me? I'm out of the political tangle of the early chapters and into the sword and sorcery murder mystery of the novel. I have a long way to go on a novel that, the more I look at it, will not be short.

Short is, believe it or not, the desired end for most writers. It's the goal of most modern books/novel writers these days. Apparently, young readers (60% of whom are women) don't have 'an attention span', an assumption I find rubbish, in fact. People have incredibly focused attention for the things they like and want. Women aren't capable of less attention than men either. More rubbish. Still, it will be long, I warn you again.

But I'm not going to force this one short, I've decided. It's going to have to be what it is. If you're enjoying Folded Earth, please be aware I'm grinding to get the second book done, and there will be lots to cover. If you're a member of my street team/second readers, be aware that there will be a rather long read if you choose to help me with the second book! And that I couldn't thank you enough!

And, for now, I just need to rest. I will be at it again tomorrow. My full time job starts on Monday (which I need for now, in spite of my writing)! But I will faithfully continue the grind!

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