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Finished 1st Pass and other news!

I'm going to start with this graphic of Bridge Township because... I love that place. It's the snow-dusted early spring of Ora's first arrival, lamps light windows, and fires burn in braziers outside. This would be close to the Green Mirror in the area just beyond the Master of Boat's warehouses and adjacent to his manor house! The houses and buildings are closely packed in this bustling town of cart and foot traffic. It's easy to imagine King Ruel's Elites along those rooftops, cloaked in blue or white! It looks as if finished my pass in the nick of time (an idiom from the 1500s when sticks were used to keep track of time at events, and to track transactions -- so the Council of Bridges would use this technology)! I'm legally able to use (c) and can begin prepping Twisted Cord for second readers at this point. And that's what I'll be doing! I should also let you know I started a little Facebook Group for if you want to drop videos or voice recordings of questions in there. I'll be testing it with some recordings of my own to see if it's suitable for things like talking about Fata words. If it is, I'd be happy to add anyone who'd like to go there into the mix.

Update: Nothing's ever easy. And I'm probably preaching to the choir about that (U.S. origin ~ 1973!). Facebook doesn't allow upload of voice recordings, and so I downloaded 'HearMeOut'. The results of that can be seen on my profile page on Facebook since it seems the posts can not be directed to a Private Group or Business page. Uh... also, their lack of Support is actually off-putting. I felt sort of like 'Is this app real'? Lol! As the app is free, I was hoping to actually talk to you on the Group (where I could read sections if they were in contention), and, if you wanted, have you talk to me without the lack of privacy / intrusiveness that comes with having to primp for video!

Controlling your communications, yeah? Revolutionary! All joking aside, I'm working on it, but... I don't have high hopes quite yet.

Aaaand I found a workaround. But... I'm also about to fall on my face, I'm that tired. Okay! If anyone has a Facebook account and would like to give it to me, I could add it and see if you can hear the little sound byte. But this is *far* from being a proven concept rn!

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