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Crazy c̵a̵t̵ 𝙙𝙧𝙖𝙜𝙤𝙣 ladies. Yes.

Letting you know what's been happening on my end. Which is a lot, in fact. I'm trying to keep healthy in captivity, and doing some courses regarding writing and cover art, right now. I've had to pause in the middle of the next Cardinal Machines book because I was invited to join an Anthology about cray-zay dragon ladies, which sounded strange enough a twist on the familiar that I agreed to join in. I'll let you know, in case some of you are interested, when the book comes out. There will be a post here to mark the day! I've been facing increasing pressure from my fantasy-book, elf-loving sister to please get into the next Folded Earth book in the series. She's plying me with inspirational music and has tried to bribe me with pie, so it's serious, folks. I'll be getting back to that universe in the near future as a result. Also, because pie.

In the meantime, my addition to the upcoming Anthology is an urban fantasy, and, re. the Folded Earth Series and its drakes, the nature of these dragons is... well, I'll let you read for yourselves.

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Tracy Eire
Tracy Eire

Lol! Midge! How did I know you'd chime in with motivation! I have Bellevox / Voxbelle in Instagram, you, here, and my little sister in my house. Lol! There's no way to escape!




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