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Cover, anyone?

Updated: May 10, 2021

Oookaaay... I'm not sure what to say! I... had a letter that the copyright for Cardinal Machines 6 had completed filing with the Library of Congress already. Now, if you don't deal with the Library of Congress you may not know that this is record time, but it is. I've got a second book in and will soon have a 3rd (I hope). I'm crossing my fingers that they are, likewise, processed quickly. It seems that Library of Congress got through some of their backlog during the earlier months of the virus. Colour me astonished!

I'm guessing that many of you won't recognize Sixtine Soto, my spirit photographer from The Dead Set series. In fact, my ghost-hunting series is the first that I published. People often ask me if it's gory or frightening. It's not. It's good Halloween fare, though! And the events are more spooky and eerie than anything else. It's very much an ensemble cast, The Dead Set, and there are a lot of inter-ghost-investigating-team politics to liven up the action. Rowan, Sixtine, Evey, Raye, Elias, and Dane have to deal not just with hauntings, but with television-star-cum-paranormal-investigators, rivalries, egos, law enforcement officers, red-tape, rumours, and, in the latest instalment, with the Coast Guard and United States Navy -- groups not well known for their faith in the supernatural. Rowan's spicy personality, always a challenge, doesn't help matters, either. (But I love him anyway!)

I've been cranking hard to bring a few books along, at once. The first part of the year was hell on my ability to write. I'm working to get things on track again! However, I thought I'd introduce you to the Author Proof copies I got in the mail today! Please turn on the sound if you'd like to hear the (very Zoey) music (courtesy of Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter, and Farruko), and enjoy your Cover Reveal!

Fig. I'm a huge Alan Walker fan and music is a huge part of my writing/creative process!

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