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Cover and Title Reveal!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

I'm so close, I'm staging this book for publication at the moment.

After writing this book through November and December, I felt relieved to go on Twitter on Friday evening for a cover reveal. I usually do this with three posts that show the cover in parts, the last being the title! This lets me give a few teasers for the book. But OMGosh, the teasers here!

The size of these novels would be 3 books for most writers. And, boy, does Tempered Fire take advantage of that. These novels are also a bit more difficult for me to write (not being urban or scifi), but I fixed that by taking the brakes off, and trusting myself for this one. As a result, I had sooo much fun!

Tempered Fire has several critical events at once. Some are inevitable and have been promised for a long time. Like Morgwn poking its finger in the pie to check the temperature of the lucrative Northern trade route they've been bleeding dry. This would be more than enough to bring dangerous pressure to bear on Bridges and the Council... but there's already a King and Kingdom of Fata there. Just another sign that this relationship is cruising toward disaster.

But also in this book... Fates find themselves in dire circumstances. Stranger races converge. And a new foe begins to appear through the fog.

On a more personal note, the Lock-Maker King must also face an episode from his life as a child in the house of Mirari, writ large.

And Ora? She's the Lumens right in the middle of it all. Like it or not.

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