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Cardinal Soul

Anyone noticed that the mail from Amazon is... a little slow? :) I'm waiting for an author copy of Cardinal Soul to arrive. Of course the postal service has much more pressing concerns right now, what with mail-in ballots! Meanwhile, I'm going for a wider distribution for Cardinal Machines at the moment, so that places like Kobo, Apple, and Scribd, will carry the titles. (Though I haven't done the same for The Dead Set, or Folded Earth series at the moment -- they are Kindle Select titles, as it helps readers discover and read them!) If you spot Cardinal Machines on any of these platforms, feel free to let me know about it!

If you haven't seen it already, this is the cover of book 6! Zoey's back from Soleil, but the moon is the kind of place that changes you, and both she and Ocean are feelin it. Her newest case is supposed to be easy-peasy -- a way to ease back into the life. But nothing's ever that simple for Zoey Collins... or Katherine Cardinal.

Fig. Changing status on the moon has led to slightly more tricked-out duds for Zoey.

There is something else I've been working on. Please feel free to take a listen to the audiobook sample for Cardinal Machines. I worked with Librivox's QueenK8, and she's completed the audiobook of the first novel of the series!

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