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Cardinal Machines Audiobook sample!

You know I never realized that I forgot to post up a sample of QueenK8's incredible narration of Cardinal Machines book 1. To set this up, 1-Ocean has been picked up by the Sheriff's Department leaving Zoey to face down some of her neighbours with only the help of some of her friends -- you have long-time pals of hers, Anne Clark and Clara Dempsey, both headed for University, and her newest buddy, Noah Reilly. All of whom are bent on following that Sheriff's Department car, with Zoey Collin's android in it. When I got to this point, I was stunned by the voice QK8 gave the older-model supercomputer Phantom (TomCat) android. It was tough, hard, and big, just like the 7 foot, fairly cannon wielding, TomCat android, itself! In comparison, QK8 makes quantum machine 1-Ocean's voice smooth and melodic.

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