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Cardinal Machines audiobook on Chirp

Holidays, classes, and work. As good as it is to have all three of these things (and, believe me I'm grateful), they do combine to create a bit of a vortex at the close of the year. I'm in the grips of that hurricane right now. I'm taking writing and business courses online, tackling homework, finishing up my full-time writing work, and rolling into the most stressed out holiday season I think I've ever had. (And I once had less than 30 mins sleep between work shifts.) All of this makes me wonder How are you all doing? I hope you're doing better than this! I really do! In spite of that, I've published a novel this month, The Wreckage, which is part of The Dead Set series. This was a third book in the first novel I ever wrote for publication (and that means a lot of things for the series). It's a story that relies on an ensemble cast of unlikely heroes on a ghost hunting team. While there is good tension in the books, and some eerie situations, there's no horror or gore. You may be surprised to find a there's a surprising amount of politics and jockeying for position in the rising world of televised paranormal teams, though. I'll mention more about this series in a post to come, which will be dedicated to The Wreckage and its place in The Dead Set arc. The point, here, is that, I published it, and I'm proud.

If you were to look at my copyrights for 2019 vs. 2020, you could easily see the impact of a global pandemic on a writer, though. It's been very difficult to find time, and focus, with the upheaval. Yes, of course, I feel the privilege of my situation, working, writing, and... surviving this. That only adds to how much I'm truly hoping for better in 2021, and not just for me, either. For earth. For you... in whichever way would lead to health and happiness. This beautiful ball of contradictions had been through enough. I'm hoping, too, that I'll begin to write, and have time to write, more rapidly again.

We shall see.

So why am I making this post? Well. I'm offering an audio book for the first time, and at a really low price for the holidays! I thought I'd share a link, in case any of you would like to take a look at it, or even give it a try:!

Fig 1. Saley-saley! It should bounce back up to about 10-12 dollars USD after the opening sale here! Please give the sample a try (see the Play Sample button) if you visit the page!

I hope to do more in the future, though the price of production vs. sales will determine that in the long run. Either way, Cardinal Machines book 1 is in audio format. And that, given the hardships of 2020, feels like an accomplishment.

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