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Cardinal Machines 6 cover coming.

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

It's been a fight getting through these past few months to get this book finished. I wouldn’t say my workload has slackened off. Not only my fulltime work is busy (very busy), but I’m writing a book with an incredibly talented artist, trying to fit in art shows, opening an art store (also on my site), and I’m slammed with ideas for coming books. All of this seemed to turn on like a light switch recently. I feel relieved.

So, let’s have a look-see at my To Do list. First up? Do a second pass on my latest Cardinal Machines book. Galas, grifts, and enterprises – criminal and otherwise – Zoey’s life is so busy I’ve had to bump some of the action to subsequent books. Ocean’s, if you’re among those who consider him alive, is all about a quick and dirty existence (apart from his being a tidy creature). He’s the guy the F.B.I. flies in when everything else is going to hell, so, he’s always booked solid. I’m so happy to have another Cardinal Machines book landing, and when you close on publishing, there are some steps that are greatest hits:

Step 1: End it (the book, I mean!)

Step 2: Read it

Step 3: Copyright it

These are just mainstays. I usually contact the cover artist somewhere in there, generally while I’m getting my copyright information together. This time, I’ve touched base with audiobook creator, QueenK8, too. She’s still chugging on recordings for Cardinal Machines - Book 1, which is good to know. These things take time, but… in the Book Forum on this site, I’ve posted an example of K8 running through the Prologue of Cardinal Machines (the foundational book) to keep me warm at night! Ah! Audiobooks!

I’ll be reading and editing Cardinal Machines 6 for the rest of the evening, and maybe the month, with some short breaks for exercising and... I guess being on this planet instead of the next, and am hoping to move on to Step 3 sooner than later. So far? Things are working. But it's been a hell of a year. So, we shall see!

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