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Author news + 18,000 words drafted!

Fig. What I'm writing between full time work and graduate school.

First, the news

I am out here in the world working full time as a writer (as some of you already know), but along with working on fulfillment for my first (successful!) Book Kickstarter, I'm also now in graduate school! Yes, it does mean that my time is tighter than ever, and I will be unable to publish quite as much as I did prior, but it's something I've been thinking about doing for a while, and this degree is highly related to writing.

I'm narrowing down my focus to certain series and stories, accordingly, in order to continue writing and publishing during this time. Also, this is a relatively short program, but it's more intensive than the courses I've taken during my writing career so far. In truth, schooling has been steadily taking place for the entire time I've had this blog, and I've still written and published. So please bear with me! If you have any misgivings at all about books to come, please feel free to either contact me directly, or reply to this post!

The work in progress (WIP) word count

In the last three days I've drafted about 18,000 words of the new WIP I'm working on. I find that pretty encouraging, for now. My courseload is very heavy, and I'm still carving out a little time to work on my writing, and on my rewards for everyone who joined in on my Book Kickstarter! I'm planning (barring the unforeseen) to keep going apace, but understand that there will be times when I mean to write, but don't have time to. I'll be sure to make audio and written notes for those times.

Currently listening to a binge of one of my favourites: Pure Sunlight (Mr. FijiWiji, Laura Brehm & AgNO3), while I write. It does relate to my heroines well, but there is someone in particular I'm thinking of this time. For those of you not familiar with my tastes, please forgive the EDM! And please wish me luck with grad school!

Not nervous at all. :)

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Good luck!! No one better equipped than you. I know it’s so hard balancing it all so hang in there!

Tracy Eire
Tracy Eire
Sep 19, 2022
Replying to

Hanging in there, and still managing to get words in on Folded Earth 4. OMGosh though, I'll need read and reread this book. Nerves!

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