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Audiobook - On Canvas in Shadow?

This audiobook project is not signed and sealed yet. In fact, I haven't even sent a contract out yet, but... I have high hopes! This is the sample I just got back from the fabulous Senn Annis, who I was lucky enough to meet during the 20BooksTo50K conference. She's a sunny, friendly person, often in motion and full of great energy. I think she suits many of my heroines. Thus, I'm hoping that you enjoy her reading and I will get to work with her. Here is a sample from the opening of 'On Canvas in Shadow', from the point of view of its determined Gaslamp heroine, Maxine. She's fighting to make her way in New York City during a Regency Period reimagined to be full of spirits, clandestine magic, seances, and even a guild of plucky sleuths. That's the setting for this novella.

Please cross your fingers for me that Senn has time to do a recording for On Canvas in Shadow. I'm hoping to ask if she can read some of my short stories!

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