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Artwork from the Folded Earth series.

So I've never really done this before, but thanks to my handy-dandy Schmincke watercolour set and Arches paper (holiday gifts both), and a heap of inspiration coming from various fans (bless you!), I've been doing some sketches and paintings of scenes from the 'Folded Earth' novel. That includes some things that, as viewers of the story from Ora's point of view, we never see, like this Fata boat making its way toward Bridge Township with an impatient King, arms crossed, waiting to arrive at Council. The sun streams down on his august head... but I doubt that will tamp down his historic temper. Restless thing! This is, without a doubt, the King passing through his own lands, with their stands of trees and peaceable rivers. But there is other art coming that aims to describe what some of the bestiary of the Folded Earth pages look like. Please stay tuned!

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