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Anyone familiar with this site?

Just a quick blog post to ask if anyone has used this site before. I found and it, and was a little taken aback. I usually rely on Amazon, or my own series page, to help organize my fiction work. Then I stumbled on this site, and saw how it listed my work, and, anyway take have a look at this!

My first fear is that this site was a pirate shop, but I don't actually believe that it is. I'm just not sure where it came from, or who runs it, but, heck, it can even find my books on Google Play. Okay, I can't even do that, and I wrote them. (Apologies to any search engine gurus out there who can do this in a snap -- I swear I have skills, they're just in other areas. I swear!) In any case, if you're looking for a decent, clear rundown of:

  1. What I've written to date.

  2. What I've just published / what's new.

Fig. Fantastic Fiction voodoo will let you know when I finally publish the new book in the Cardinal Machines or Folded Earth series. Or The Dead Set. Or my new series. Or novellas. Or... maybe I should do an art book?

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