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Anthology 2 is one of my faves!

In case you want to take a look, this link will bring you to both books in the anthology series:! The stories are:

  • The Haunting of Luna Bryne

  • The Rath of Shelter Island

And, I've been accepted into a 3rd -- for me, that's very exciting! While I'm finishing out the editing pass on the next book of Cardinal Machines, I'll also be working on some short stories. Something I've... never done before so it's personally challenging!

If you're not aware of this, I come from a traditional Irish culture that still low-key (okay, not so low key) believes in fairies and spirits. The fairies, however, aren't cute little sprites. Misfortune is often attributed to them, though knowing their purpose is considered... pretty much impossible. That silent sudden person you glimpsed and followed through trees when you were lost, but was nowhere to be found under the moth-strafed streetlights? The child's laughter you heard that made you hurry too close to the edge of seaside cliffs? Those are the kinds of fairies I heard about while growing up. And they're the kind of fairy you'll find in my story in this anthology.

This story is about a real place you can find on Google Earth and I go into its real history a little bit while the story unfolds. But the Rath? It's my invention. And the fairy? Is a fairy. Just like any fairy from my childhood. I hope you enjoy it.

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