Folded Earth Orth Dictionary

The numbered dictionaries only go up to 99, so the 99th word will start a new dictionary. To find your way back, know the Dictionary number and word number (halon is D1:07)! There's a section called 'Little Words', which has smaller words like 'ih' and 'thu' (I and you) in it. The final section is for honorifics used by the Fata. They use a lot of these!


  1. Torr - Tower. Not gender specific. It is the term associated with Kingship and Queenship.

  2. An Bealteinn - The Beautiful One / An bealte einn. This is a name given to Fates (regardless of gender) whose measurements are perfect given the measurements espoused by the Ordinem. There are few.

  3. Ordinem - The Fata book of order, a rule book that espouses proper behaviour among the Fates. The information has been gathered across time.

  4. enn - 'and' and 'also'.

  5. af - of or coming from.

  6. An - the

  7. halon - Hello, common greeting.

  8. gigas - Giant.

  9. biforan - Before (before me - biforan mis).

  10. ufar - Over (over me - ufar mis).

  11. hva - What (yes, the Fata can say 'say what?' it would be 'secgan hva?')

  12. nou - Now.

  13. peste - Pest (lovingly as aimed at Ruel by Efnian).

  14. gaudia - Joy. Used as a greeting. Joy.

  15. Gratia - grace which means "favor, esteem, regard; pleasing quality, good will, gratitude", so it covers a lot of ground!

  16. Schade - Shade. One of the three great cities of the Fata is Fata-Schade. The citizens are known by the city name.

  17. halle - This is Fata for Hall. An Halle af Ruel Mirariaf, for example, or An Halle af tha Alvisc.

  18. haldan - Hold from the word behold.

  19. hallus / hallr - Hill which once meant stone.

  20. undirhallr - Under hill. Where the Alvisc and Ruel live.

  21. Fata-Schade - The Fates of the Shade. Means people of the shade -- a Twilight Fate. These are the twilight lands inside the Folded Earth.

  22. abanteare - Advance, mostly used in the context of battle and... relationships. Both are heavily considered before action is taken.

  23. ganohs - Enough!

  24. sibb - Peace.

  25. natura - Nature (when capitalized, it refers to an Elemental).

  26. sterand - Stirring.

  27. awacen - Awaken.

  28. hross - Horse.

  29. rod - Red.

  30. orth - This word once meant 'true'. Now Saa is usually used for 'True', and 'saa' is used in the sense of 'true'.

  31. hviskra - Whisper.

  32. skeinan - Shining.

  33. bridd - Bird.

  34. æfre - Ever as in forever.

  35. bealte - Beautiful.

  36. steorra - Star.

  37. blæse - Blaze (in the case of a Fata's soft glow this is known as 'bhel' and this word 'illumination' shows up in a lot of Fata names).

  38. gedon - Done.

  39. masle - Male. Used mostly for animals, or to put distance between the speaker and the described.

  40. femelle - Female. Used mostly for animals, or to put distance between the speaker and the described.

  41. vrda or vard - Rose.

  42. bloma - Flower.

  43. goed - Good. Goodbye is literally goedbye in Fata.

  44. peac - Peak, which is also used for pinnacle.

  45. cild - Child.

  46. ai - A catch all word, which is an exclamation and call for the listener to pay attention. 

  47. recipere - To admit, to receive, to take back, to regain, to bring back, to recover, to take in, to take to oneself, so it has a lot of uses.

  48. helen - To heal.

  49. buog - A branch of a tree.

  50. prek - Word used to entreat someone, like saying 'Prithee', or 'Pray'. Also it is used in context for please. (Ih prek is saying 'I pray'). Though one doesn't pray and beseech the gods among the Fata. Living properly is seen as a direct message to the powers / forces. Speech doesn't necessarily hold the power to reach them, or that's what the books of the Ordinem hold.

  51. hailjan - Heal / healer.

  52. fela - Feel.

  53. klei - Clay.

  54. lof / Los - Leaf.

  55. bhel - root word for shine, flash, burn. Illumination. Ex. 'Bhelgemynd' (bright memory) or 'Bhelmynd' (bright mind).

  56. Eligere - Elite. This refers to the most dangerous guards around the King / An Torr. They are astonishing fighters and, though Alvisc, can fight / defeat Fata.

  57. kulta - Gold. The highest currency of human kingdoms, though not of Fata Torrics.

  58. Torric - Kingdom.

  59. ric - a realm of the natural world is a 'ric'.

  60. kalt - Cold. Fata are generally comfortable in all worldly elements. It has to be VERY cold for them to use kalt, unless used to describe an emotional state.

  61. blyse - torch, but also used for blushing.

  62. ei - Used to mean ever. Now used for always. Like æfre, but an older form.

  63. Aia or avus - A child's caretaker when there are no parents for whatever reason. Ruel because Ruel-avus to young Thahawn.

  64. kel - to cover, conceal, save. To keep something.

  65. kers - To run. This is the sort of thing a Fata might shout to Ora while fighting a wyrm.

  66. varsa - Stallion.

  67. unwirdig - Used for bad or terrible, awful, poor quality.

  68. stahal - The word for steel.

  69. hefiglice - violently, intensely; sorrowfully; sluggishly. This is heavily.

  70. verai - very

  71. wel or vel - Well

  72. ghed - To unite, be associated, suitable. Ghed in Orth is worthy or suitable. It can be used in the place of the older goed.

  73. transire - cross over, go over, pass over, hasten over, pass away'. You would think this is death, but it is Alvisc and Fata  for sleep.

  74. avarus - greedy and grasping. It's also a type of temporary madness (temporary relative to the Alvisc and Fata). The flesh and eyes of a dragon, including its scales (though in a limited way), have natural avarus, to attract victims. This fascination of the senses helps young dragons to lure in prey and grow bigger. Avarus also keeps the adult dragons from killing and eating the eggs and young.

  75. ghend - to seize, or take. But it's also used in the sense of grasping a concept. Is this clear? Is it undersood?

  76. nai-ghend - 'I don't get it'. It's not understood.

  77. furen - Fire.

  78. fie - A sound of disdain.

  79. sairiga - I am sorry. Hold on to your hat if you have an Alvisc saying this to you. It implies they've wronged you. That's an issue for the Alvisc, though less-so for the Fata, who are pardoned by the Ordinem. 

  80. eth - Oath.

  81. etheghend - Oath-taking.

  82. mensmer. Memory, from to think back. Also related to lethe.

  83. lethe - Forgetfulness / oblivion. Related to death.

  84. ara - eagle. But it can be reserved as shorthand for dragons. 

  85. tala - Story.

  86. hal - To be hale.

  87. halba - Half. So Halbael is the word for halfling of some race.

  88. halbael - Halfling. The word for half-Fata and half-Alvisc, like Thahawn.

  89. el or eling - These form diminutives at the end of a word. So a little story would be talael.

  90. kwem - to go to, to come.

  91. Interrex - Regent.

  92. roial (roials) - Royal. Royals.

  93. hæwen - Blue-grey. The colour of the heavens.

  94. foris - Outside. Lands outside the Fold or outside of Ordinem.

  95. paynim - Outsider lands. Heathen lands.

  96. lendh - open land, heath.

  97. wurda - Word

  98. luan - Moon. Fata use luana.

  99. sunna - Sun.


  1. Spreg - Speak.

  2. Ghregwydd - The green wood. This is the large Northern forest safeguarded by An Torr.

  3. gre - Green.

  4. galan - To sing.

  5. gwydd - Wood or woodlands.

  6. Bryhtgwydd - This is the other half of Ghregwydd. This is a large Low Northerly and Southerly band of forest that historically belongs to An Torr. 

  7. sarpah - Serpent. Can be used for wyrms, flightless dragons, dragon-snakes.

  8. gadu - Hateful.

  9. snega - Snake.

  10. adcondarc - Dragon.

  11. drak or draca - Drake.

  12. cwelan - Killer. Slayer.

  13. cwalu - To die.

  14. drakwelan - Dragon-slayer, a class of Fata who are living legends because they survived killing a dragon.

  15. drakhviskra - The most skilled dragon slayers are called Dragon-whisperers. There are very few.

  16. pars - Part

  17. villr - Wild.

  18. sky or ski - To gleam or glitter.

  19. halgian - Hallowed.

  20. mian - As in, I mean.

  21. bileuvd - Beloved. Reserved for when you really know it's love.

  22. leuv - Love.

  23. faer - Fair.

  24. ar / ars - Art. Arts.

  25. rian - River

  26. galdor - Singer.

  27. mordor - Murder. One of the behaviours banned by the Ordinem. 

  28. utridan - Outrider.

  29. healice - Highly. Also used as 'very' as in gea-healice.

  30. hel - The infernal regions. It's a cuss word, even among Londhs. If a Fata or Alvisc says this, something is going very wrong. Can be pluralized.

  31. aise - Ease. As in ease yourself, which is 'Aise thu'.

  32. whit - White, ex. whit kulta / white gold.

  33. ege - Eyes.

  34. espere - Sphere, so eyeball is egespere(s) plu.

  35. eww - Is 'ew'. Disgust sound. The Fata also use gwaag. I mean, the gist is pretty clear.

  36. mandat - Mandate of the Ordinem. Mandat is needed for a location to be considered an official Fata outpost, outside the Fold.

  37. an sprahari - The Speakers. Early name for Alvisc communication without words. They  show up in books by this name.

  38. celeber - City. Frequented, populous, crowded, with transferred senses of well-attended; famous; often-repeated. Can also refer to a person like An Torr does to a king.

  39. Avere - 'To be or fare well.' Also 'be healthy'.

  40. efnian - Evening.


  1. I - ih

  2. And - enn (which may be used for 'also').

  3. Of - af

  4. In - nen

  5. Be - bion

  6. do - dwa

  7. do not - dwanai

  8. it - hita

  9. My - mai

  10. Me - mis

  11. Mine - minn

  12. You - Thu

  13. Yes - gea (sounds like hey-ah)

  14. No - nai

  15. Saa - even so, or it is so / true

  16. Maith - Used for Thanks.

  17. Naimaith - No thanks.

  18. Ghed or goed - Suitable and Good. Good has stronger implications.

  19. One - einn

  20. Are - es

  21. The -  an

  22. Then - thana

  23. Oh! - eala! (interjection)

  24. He - ire

  25. She - iru

  26. Also - auk

  27. Alternative - alt, which is used in all opposing information

  28. Ex. Thahawn was adopted by Ruel, so it's Thahawn Kulta alt Ruelaf

  29. Once - as in 'At once' anes.

  30. At - ad.

  31. So - Saa (it is so / so it is).

  32. Their - hiera

  33. But - ut

  34. We - ve


  1. Torr and -Torr - 'Tower' the generic word for the highest ranking Fata, not gender specific. Also stands on its own.

  2. Galanta - Means grand / formal. Can use iontach (grand) on some occasions.

  3. Gloire - Glory. Word that is used to described a King or Queen. By Ordinem, not permitted to use with Ruel.

  4. Ailleacht (alyacht) - Majesty. By Ordinem, not permitted to use with Ruel.

  5. -cwa - royal woman (aldercwa) also torr or torrcwa

  6. -cwen - royal man (aldercwen) also torr or torrcwen 

  7. -mata - mate generic no gender implied (companion). Can be used as a standalone word. Mata. 

  8. -fre - Friend. Can be used as a standalone word. Fre.

  9. -nis - male generic unspecific, less distance.

  10. -nesse - woman/girl/female unspecific, less distance.

  11. -wiv or -viv - female generic marriage.

    • Used when you have a handfasted mate.

  12. -wer or -vir - male generic marriage.

    • Used when you have a handfasted mate.

  13. -kas or -kes - man and woman implies distance. Formal. Can be used as standalone words.

  14. -kest - gentleman and gentlewoman implies great distance. Formal. Can be used as a standalone word.

  15. -kast - for many or gender neutral. Can be used as a standalone word.

  16. -des - used to show closeness / friendship. Not gendered.

  17. -yeu - young. Can be used as a standalone word, Yeu.

  18. -athir - less personal: father (more personal: atta). Can be used as a standalone word, Athir.

  19. -mathir or - less personal: mother (more personal: ama). Can be used as a standalone word, Mathir.

  20. -mieen - my one (deep affection) (can be lovers).