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Cardinal Machines omnibus Kickstarter has closed! Thank you!

The Kickstarter to create a 3-book omnibus from Cardinal Machines books 1-3 launched April 26th, funded, and closed May 19th, 2022! Thank you so much to my backers! I appreciate your support!

Here's a video sneak peek that sets the mood for this series!

My reward selections included:

  • A short story (The Haunting of Luna Bryne - urban fantasy).

  • The Cardinal Machines ebook (book 1).

  • The Cardinal Spark ebook (book 2).

  • The Cardinal Ignition ebook (book 3).

  • All three of the books above in paperback (Cardinal Machines 1 through 3)!

  • Book mentions for backers.

  • Work with an artist to design a social media avatar of yourself, your original character, a book with images of your favourite genre, et cetera!

  • Propose to your hardcore booklover on a page in a paperback book or make some other safe for work announcement in the pages. (Ex. Write a message to the Booktoker that you book-fairied in my paperback!)

With add-ons

  • Computer desktop backgrounds of Zoey Collins from the covers of Cardinal Machines, Cardinal Spark, and Cardinal Ignition.

  • The audiobook for Cardinal Machines book 1 (listen while you work <inert chipper whistling here>).

  • The Cardinal Light ebook (Book 4 of the series).

You can wish me luck for as little as a dollar (and get my deepest thanks for supporting indy authors)! Or listen to the LibriVox's QueenK8 expertly narrate the Cardinal Machines audiobook (and you still get my gratitude)! Either way, let's see if we can close the deal! 

Thank you!

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