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The Folded Series is going wide.

Halon and hello! I have a little news! Since the first day of its publication the Folded Earth Series or Folded Series has been in Kindle Select / Kindle Unlimited, but this month, I let the terms on Folded Earth / Twisted Cord expire and they dropped from Select.

As of this weekend, the Folded Series is going live on Apple books, Barnes & Noble, BorrowBox, Kobo, OverDrive, Scribd, and other platforms in other countries, so please feel free to check them out or refer others interested in the series to those locations (as soon as they finish publication -- they're mid-publication right now).

I'm really in love with this series and would love more reviews if you happen to read and like the stories! If you know of any reading circles looking for epic fantasy with elves, dwarves, and daring warriors, along with a simmering romance, please let them know about this series! I'd love for it to get a little more of the attention I feel the story and characters deserve!

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