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Folded Earth map draft is drafty!

Just a quick drop-in with you to let you know that I'm creating a little map of the local areas that Ora's crew, and the King travelled through in Book 1 of Folded Earth. It's in pretty hard shape right now, but it does show that, because of the warp, there is a 3 day turn around to a Kingdom that is relatively close! I expect some of these details to change. So, it's safe to call this an early draft of what's in my head. Notables, you can tell the Green Mirror from the Blue Mirror, easily, and yes, I made the Blue Mirror far too small. it is the largest, deepest, and oldest of the Green Mirror, Keyhole Lake, and itself.

What's going on with Book 2? I'm doing cover inquiries right now, because things are moving fast. I'm hoping for a draft by the end of this month, but... there may be a slowdown for some artwork goals I'm pursuing (I could use wishes good luck)!

This story isn't quite like the first one, which exists as an introduction to the characters and the world (and to Ruel, particularly, since I needed to get to know him too). For those who are curious about where Book 2 is going, it may help to know I'm going through The Cord for this plot.

There are changes, as is inevitable during adapting a story, but the book is going to have many familiar points to fans who've been with my writing for the long haul! Currently looking at this being a rather long book, rather than the lightweight one I was hoping for! There will be a lot to sink your teeth into! I'll be asking the folks who helped with the last book (*thank you*) to take the journey through the second book via an Advanced Reviewer Copy, and also to reach out to any members of Team Thranduil you believe might want to join the site, and help with the read-through! Thank you so much

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