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Folded Earth formatting updates.

Fig. Ora Buckmaster 'The Flower of the King', as seen in book 5 of the Folded Earth series.

This is just an update to tell you all that I've been making, and will make some updates to the layouts of The Folded Earth printed copies over the next few months. I'm working on standardizing the formatting somewhat, particularly after finding a favourite font for these books. They won't have the kind of Chapter Headings you see in Their Greatest Hart, but their look is changing. I'm also trying to update them in Draft2Digital, but you would be surprised at how little that tool understands standard Word formatting. I just wanted to let you know that the layouts and formatting may be a little in flux for the next month or so, for print versions. I'll be updating the ebooks after I've worked out a few of the very puzzling kinks there as well!

When I'm done, I'll likely do a little walkthrough of the books!

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