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Folded Earth Book 4 Draft Complete!

Hi all! Housekeeping before I get going. If you're in the book forum making main posts about anything but books, that post is going to be deleted.

No, that does not apply to posts or replies that readers might make about their lives, pets, favourite teas and coffees while they're reading, favourite #booktok memes, et cetera: I want to know my readers and members! But if you're making masthead posts about soccer in a book forum, you honestly need to post that in a sports forum. Good writing energy, but sports teams posts are misplaced here! Sorry!

News on the Folded Earth series!

Because my semester hasn't started up yet, I have been working hard on getting Folded Earth Book 4 to Draft Compete. On Friday, I experienced the joy that comes with completing another book. Every time, you can expect a bubble of accomplishment. For me -- a person put on earth to write books and create artwork -- this is an incredibly rewarding feeling.

Book Cover art is underway!

Wow it's exciting when you're get to the point where you're doing this part! So, I talked to my incredible (they are incredible, this is not an exaggeration) cover art team and they are getting ready to work on the cover of book 4. I h I'll let you know when I've seen proofs. I'm working with a junior person (she's new) so it may take a while to get the cover to where I want it, but I have faith. It's a great team, and she's going to fit right in!

What can you expect from this Fantasy book?

Oh boy. If you've been following along with Ora and Ruel's exploits, and you're invested in the King's 'experiment' of ruling the human town of Bridges, this book brings new wrinkle you mightn't have thought of. There have been some major (I would say stunning) developments in this book that I can't wait for you to read. In fact so much is going on that certain threads won't be resolvable in here.

There will be more on that for my beta readers over in the Discord for beta-warriors!

When will beta / ARC readers get the new book?

Soon! I'm trying to clean it up as much as possible before I had it over to you. I'm on my second read through before I hand it over. I'm on Chapter 5 of 19. Hang in there, I'm hoping to get it to you by next Friday. My semester starts next week, so I can't make specific promises? (A.k.a. I may have a tonne of homework!)

Please cross your fingers for me! I'm working on it!

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